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Tobiano Breeding “Recipe”

Tobiano genetics are better documented than overo color patterns. The trait is inherited as a dominant gene (for which no Overo Lethal White Syndrome has been reported). That means every tobiano has at least one tobiano parent, and the pattern never skips a generation. A horse only needs to inherit a single tobiano gene (making him heterozygous) from one parent in order to show the pattern. If a horse carries the gene, it will show. If he carries two tobiano genes, he’ll be homozygous, meaning he’ll produce 100 percent tobiano offspring.

At Tobiano Acres we specialize in the Tobiano pattern offering our Homozygous stallion

“Little Peppe Leo” 

15.3 HH , tested Homozygous for the Tobiano gene and wrapped in beautiful Black & White color. He has it all, looks, excellent conformation and manners combined with awesome presence. Included in this amazing package are the bloodlines of APHA Supreme Champions Sky Bug Bingo, Gallant Ghost and APHA Champion Producer, MK’S Black Pepper.

Little Peppe Leo currently has 81 registed foals in BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan.